XBRL Reporting

Automate, validate and template statutory reporting for UK HMRC, Irish Revenue, Danish Business Authority and others with direct links to Oracle HFM and Essbase.

Why Report Authority?

Easy to use and accessible to accountants
Report Authority was designed by accountants to support the document production process without the addition of unfamiliar and technical concepts that usually dominate XBRL specialised tools.
Tailored to suit your needs
Report Authority is available with options for hosted or in-house solutions.  Whether you are a small company with a limited budget, or a large group with many subsidiaries, there is a tailored solution to best meet your needs.
Simple drag and drop automation
Connect to multiple data sources and automate report content by simply dragging Excel cell references, named ranges, query lookups or HFM dimension members and dropping them directly on the report. It couldn’t be simpler.
Connect to data from any source system
Connect to queries from any source system via Excel in a way that responds to changes in accounts, entities, periods or query parameters.  For companies using Oracle HFM, connect directly using Report Authority.
Submit to regulators worldwide
Report Authority incorporates both taxonomies and local business rules being enforced at regulators’ submission gateways. Use Report Authority to effectively integrate and satisfy your global XBRL needs, from group and subsidiary financial statement production, to integrated reporting, COREP, FINREP, Solvency II and more.